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Fabric Information

Product: Clothes
Fabric: Four Season – Tallia Delfino
Weight gr/mt: 240-250
100% WV 15,5 MICRON

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Fratelli Tallia di Delfino is an important ambassador of “Made in Italy”, synonymous of excellence with a history, wich is well defining the passion for craftmanship and the most respectable values.
The collection is a harmony that emerges season after season, through colours, fluidity, texture and motifs wich are often inspired by archives and reinterpreted with new meanings.
Gentleman’s Wardrobe is a world of truth, creativity and skills, a world where luxury is well identified ad a goal. In here, passion the true knowledge “perfection” and taking care of every single detail of production, from the choice of the raw material to the final product itself.
The gentleman is a refined man who knows how to wear in a certain sobriety, distinguishing himself with unique and personal details at the same time. After all, the word elegance comes from the Latin “eligere”, that means “Knowing how to choose”.
A true gentleman always looks you in eyes;
he never loses control;
he hides, a tuxedo in his wardrobe;


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