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The Company

Our products are all custom made by our skilled tailors. We are a guarantee of quality made in Italy.

Italy: excellence in fabrics and fashion

Italy is the country of excellence in fabrics for men’s fashion and we at Pastena Elegance are proud to be the online protagonists of this art.

We at Sartoria Pastena wanted to demonstrate how combining manual art with the digital world is the winning key to success.

We are the first in the world to have exported the art of bespoke tailoring via the web all over the world.

We are proud to represent the only e-commerce in the world where you can order your dress and have it in a few days after having patiently and elegantly sewn it thanks to our hands.

Starting out as a simple start-up, a simple idea, a simple project, we are now ready to bring Italian art and the elegance of our fashion to the world.

Pastena Elegance,
Made in Italy Sartorial Quality

The Company

Attention, humility and a touch of youthfulness and at the same time experience, these are the factors that distinguish our garments Our dresses are made and finished by hand fully canvas. 

Our Mission

Our task is to transmit our art to all our customers because Neapolitan tailoring is an art that has no time limit.

Our Vision

From grandfather to grandson, from father to son, the tradition and passion for tailoring is handed down from generation to generation.

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